Snow Bird Special

Many of us dig deeper into our wardrobes in search of sweaters and thick coats right after the first snowfall of the winter. In winter, it’s unusual for people living in the Northeast to go outdoors for enjoyment, and the warm feeling of home becomes their favorite.

But, not all the people surrender before the cruel winters; some pack their summer clothes and chase the sun towards the South. 

Almost 9 million snowbirds fly from Northeast to South during this time.

Who Are These Snowbirds?

Snowbirds are often retired people from the Northeast who spend their winter in warmer climates, most commonly in places like Florida and Arizona.

While most snowbirds are retired or close to retirement age, many youngsters are now joining the army of sun seekers. Moreover, the pandemic also caused many companies to shift towards online work, allowing their online workers to work from anywhere in the US. These online workers also travel to the South to beat the winters.

The Most Favorite Destinations For Snowbirds

  • Florida
  • California
  • Texas
  • Arizona

The Most Common Destination Of People Going From South To Northeast

  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Philadelphia

How To Feel At Home Even When Away?

Having most of your belongings and household goods nearby, especially your vehicle, is the best way to feel home. More than anything else, your car—the one that has been taking you around your area will help you feel at home. We suggest you only trust reputable auto transport companies like OW auto transport to ship your vehicle.

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