Expedited Car Transport

Shipping Cars Fast: Expedited Service

Minimize Wait Time

Expedited auto transport ensures that you're able to minimize your wait time. Our car transport partners get your vehicle to its new destination as quickly as possible by prioritizing it over others. Note that expedited service is more expensive than standard auto transport because of this.

Keeping You in the Loop

We make sure that you're in the loop throughout the auto transport process. You'll receive updates via text and email, but we'll also connect you with the driver and the carrier company for even more peace of mind.

Ship Personal Items

Need to ship personal items? We make it simple. You're can ship one suitcase or box with personal belongings (under 100 lbs.) in the trunk for no additional charge. Note that safety standards may require the trucker to check the trunk for any unlawful items.

No Paperwork Hassles

We believe in simplifying the auto transport process. With our expedited service, you only need the car and your keys. You'll never need to worry about the title or registration unless your vehicle is being shipped to a destination that requires this documentation.

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