Vintage Cars Transport

A vintage car is always a sweetheart for its owner, and they can’t tolerate a single scratch on it. Furthermore, vintage car parts are also hard to find since their production had stopped decades ago. So, you should always opt for a professional and expert vintage car transportation service like OW auto transport.

Here is everything you need to know about vintage cars transport:

Everything About Shipping Vintage Cars

When picking a shipping firm to transfer your historic automobile, be sure they have the necessary resources to ship it. Check whether they are correctly licensed and insured to handle your car.

Since your vintage automobile is priceless, the insurance coverage should be higher than a standard car. Before you complete your vintage car shipment, get a copy of the shipment company’s proof of auto insurance and find out if there is a premium you will have to pay in the event of loss or damage.

Your vintage car’s shipment should be thoroughly documented. You can choose both open and enclosed transportation for your vintage vehicle. However, open truck choices are less expensive (often 25% to 50% less expensive). But, you should look at your car’s safety instead of the shipping cost.

Remember that a vintage car is never easy to find, so we recommend going with enclosed trailer shipping. You put your heart and soul into preserving your vintage automobile- better not to take any risks.

Things To Do At Arrival

Always thoroughly check your vintage vehicle when it comes to your shipping address. Look under the vehicle for any technical or visible damage.

Ensure to take photographs of any damages you noticed that were not included in the initial report, make the delivery guy sign it, and file a claim with the auto transportation company if necessary.

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