Shipping Hybrid And Electric Vehicles (EV): Questions And Concerns

Due to the massive surge in global warming and other emission levels in the air, we have seen an enormous shift of people from internal combustion engine cars to hybrids and electric vehicles. But, shipping these innovative vehicles isn’t as simple as the internal combustion ones, and there are certain things to take care of, including battery regulations and other concerns.

So, if you also want to ship your EV or hybrid car, stick till the end to get all your questions and concerns addressed:

Is There Any Risk In Shipping Electric Vehicles?

Lithium-ion batteries have potential to burst into flames in different gadgets. Even though the batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles are built with the same technology, the makers included several safety features to considerably lower the risks.

If problems were to occur, they would probably happen during production or usage rather than during vehicle movement, when the battery is only used during loading and unloading.

The short answer is “No,” there isn’t any risk in shipping electric vehicles as you send it through a reliable and expert transporter like OW auto transport.

Is The Electric Car And Truck Industry Booming?

Yes, the electric car and truck industry is constantly going uphill, and their sales will advocate for it. The success of Tesla and the shift of all the car manufacturers towards electric vehicles is another proof of the massive success of EVs.

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