Open Trailer VS. Enclosed Trailer

If you are thinking about shipping your car but can’t decide between an open trailer or an enclosed trailer, we got you covered. Stay with us till the end:

Which Car Transport Trailer Is Right For You?

Trailers come in two primary categories: open and enclosed. An enclosed trailer has sides and a roof, whereas an open trailer has not. Both have several benefits and drawbacks and cater to an audience of different needs. Here are all those needs and the suitable options too:

If you are moving your car to a short distance: A trailer that drives one to six automobiles is a good alternative for shipping your car if you’re transporting only one car to another town or within the same state. Furthermore, open trailers are best suited for shorter travels because the car is uncovered and close to the road.

If you have an expensive car: An enclosed trailer is advised if you wish to keep your luxurious car safe at all costs. Closed trailers provide better protection than an open trailer since your priceless item is shielded from the climate, flying objects, and the uncommon incidents of theft while being transported and at any rest breaks along the route.

If you need to move multiple vehicles: Moving multiple cars in the same trailer is always a good and budget-friendly idea. Both options are available if you are moving multiple cars. Key factor: if you want to keep your car away from the cruelties of the environment, you can book an enclosed trailer. Otherwise, an open trailer is available as a cheaper alternative.Side Note: If you are shipping a car that doesn’t run, you may still choose either option! Shipping a car that doesn’t run requires an experienced transporter like OW auto transport.

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