Motorcycle Transport Options: Finding the Best Solution For You

If you are going on a vacation or relocating, transporting the bike is often a difficult and expensive task. However, O.W. Auto Transport has made it easy with their experience and expertise.

Furthermore, there are several motorcycle transport options in the market. So, you should carefully choose one according to your needs:

Boat Transport

Boat transport is a budget-friendly transport option you can choose. Only motorcycle owners intending to send their vehicle to distant U.S. areas or abroad should use boat transportation. You must leave the bike at the port early so it may be packaged and shipped.

If you are transporting your motorcycle overseas, it might take weeks or even months to receive your bike in your desired country. In this scenario, carefully check the import rules and regulations of the country you are transporting your bike to.

Air Transport

Air transport is also mainly useful for those transporting their motorcycles overseas and is an expensive alternative to boat transport. But, air transport can help you transport your bike to your desired country within a few days.

Train Transport

It is the cheapest motorcycle transport option on our list. The only problem with rail transport is that there are very few locations where you can transport your vehicle to and from. But, if there’s a railway station nearby your desired location, train transport also becomes a handy option.

Trailer Transport

Trailer transport is the most recommended type of transport for your motorcycle. Firstly, the trailer will drop off your bike at your home, not a nearby port, airport, or station, and you won’t have to move an inch to receive your motorcycle. Furthermore, trailer transport helps you to send your bike to every single corner of the U.S. You can also choose between open and enclosed trailers if you want to use trailer transport for your motorcycle. 

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