Military Vehicle Shipping

Those who serve in the Military, Marines, Air Force, Border Patrol, or Navy are frequently asked to move to different bases and duty locations as armed forces personnel.

As military families must find a new home and understand how to move a car to their new destination, this can be hectic.

During summers, when PCS movements are at their maximum, you’ll notice a surge in military auto transportation. Make sure you are aware of your options for car transport if you are moving to a new home.

What Affects The Cost Of Military Vehicle Shipping?

Even if the military covers the cost of your POV’s relocation, it’s important to understand the different aspects influencing military vehicle shipping prices. For instance, shipping a car across the continental United States (CONUS) will be more expensive than sending it abroad.

Furthermore, enclosed vehicle transport trailers are sometimes up to 50% more expensive than open car transport trailers.

Here are some other factors that affect the cost of military vehicle shipping:

Delivery Location: The final shipping cost of a military vehicle depends upon the distance between drop off and pickup location.

Time Of The Year: The weather and time of the year are also big factors affecting your military vehicle shipping price. Furthermore, most military relocations occur in the summers, so you might find high prices during this time due to the demand and supply gap.

Fuel Prices: Since auto transporters generally pass on fuel price hikes to clients, fuel costs might impact the amount of dollars you’ll spend for military vehicle shipping.

Don’t put any other household item in your vehicle to save some pennies. Auto transport companies highly discourage this practice.

If you are looking for an expert military vehicle shipping, OW auto transport is the company to choose.

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