Car Tracking For Peace Of Mind

Trailer shipping is one of the most economical, easy, and facilitating shipping options.

Car tracking is a life-saver, guaranteeing you peace of mind as you view your vehicles location any time, anywhere. You can track your car’s real-time location and get updates about the next stop and the estimated time left to reach the destination.

Here are all the tracking systems that the best transporters like OW auto transport use to facilitate their clients:

Car Tracking System

Even if your car doesn’t have a location tracker, a good auto transport company will fit a temporary microchip in your vehicle that transmits GPS signals to a phone. The auto transport company will then provide you with an app or a link through which you can track the current location of your car.

As this microchip works on GPS (Global positioning system), its location can be accurate to 10 meters.

Trailer Tracking System

The trailer tracking system works differently from the car tracking system, depending on the auto transporters and which tracking mechanism they prefer for their trailers. It can be either GPS, Satellite tracking, or a wireless passive tracking system. These mechanisms have pros and cons, but GPS is the most widely used one.

Through this type of tracking, you can track the trailer your car is loaded upon.

Digital Tracking System

The digital tracking system implements the use of applications to confirm the location of your vehicle. State of the art tracking with the most up to date/time information, and the preferred use of OW Auto Transport.

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