Car Shipping Guide: Your Steps for Transport Success

Car shipping services are highly beneficial if you move from state to state. But, if you have never shipped your car, you might be a little nervous about the process and cost. Furthermore, choosing the best car shipping service is also an essential part of the process.

If you are also a first-timer, there is no need to worry because we are here with a complete car shipping guide. Here are the six steps you need to follow for transport success:

Step 1: Start Initial Research

This is the most crucial step of the whole process because you will hand over a car worth alot of money, and you don’t want to reunite with it in a damaged condition. Insurance is extremely important- do proper research and choose the best car shipping service.

Step 2: Select Your Auto Transport Company

As you have finalized the auto transport company, we suggest arranging your shipment as soon as possible. But, if you are short on time, you can book a car shipment with OW auto transport on short notice.

Step 3: Check Your Vehicle

Before loading your vehicle, check it physically for any oil or fluid leaks. Moreover, also check the car body for any dents or scratches so you would know about your car’s condition while unloading it.

Step 4: Remove Your Belongings

Before loading your car, make sure there is no phone or laptop in it. Moreover, remove all the documents and papers from the dashboard compartment, including toll tax receipts, car passes, and toll tags.

Step 5: Car And Driver Preparation

Perform one last inspection of your vehicle as you get it ready to go. The driver will also call, text or email before the day of pickup to confirm the pickup location, time, and other details.

Step 6: Receiving The Vehicle

Make sure to stay present when the driver is on-loading the car and for a final inspection.

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