All Types Of Vehicles Moves

Vehicle transportation through trailers is a decades-old method. Whether you want to move a classic or daily car, it’s important to understand all types of vehicle moves companies like OW auto transport provide.

So, let’s find out:

● Manufacturer To Dealer

Car manufacturers ship the car to dealers through trailers. Whether the car needs to be shipped 10 miles or 1000 miles, all the manufacturers use auto transport services to get the job done.

● Dealer To Auction

Dealers often ship classic and exotic cars to auctions through trailers, and selling an exotic or classic car in auction brings in a better price.

● Auction To Auction

If a vehicle goes unsold in an auction, that vehicle is shipped to another auction through a trailer.

● Dealer To Dealer

Dealers often exchange vehicles if they get an order for a car that isn’t available at their dealership but is available at another. Then, they use vehicle transportation services to ship those vehicles.

● Dealer To Consumer

Whenever somebody buys a vehicle from a dealership, they either drive it home or ship it to their home through trailers. Especially if the dealership is at a far-off location, trailer shipping becomes a suitable option.

● Consumer To Dealer

There are many scenarios where consumers ship a vehicle to dealers through trailers instead of driving it in. If the car is broken or up for a warranty claim, it must be sent through a trailer. On the other hand, if the dealership is located away from the owner, they may opt to ship it back and forth through a trailer.

● Consumer To Auction After Repossession

If you have bad credit and go bankrupt, the bank will take your vehicle into repossession and send it to auction through a trailer.

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